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Freshness in Every Drop,
Purity in Every Sip

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Freshest quality milk sourced from farmers everyday.

Every day, only the best quality milk is collected directly from farmers at our Village Level Collection Centres. Our automated testing system ensures that every drop meets the Amrat Shree quality standards.

  1. Raw Milk Collection →
    Transportation to Testing Facility → Sensory Examination like(Appearance, Smell, Taste).
  2. Testing
    Lactometer Test (Density Measurement) → Adulteration Tests (Water, Starch, Synthetic Milk) → Chemical Analysis (Fat Content, Protein, Solids) Microbiological Testing (Bacterial Count, Pathogen Detection).
  3. Quality Control Testing
    Compliance with Safety Standards → Packaging and Labeling.
  4. Cold Storage
    Cold Storage → Distribution to Retailers → Customer Purchase.
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Preserving freshness and nutrients in every drop.

The milk collected reaches the Milk Chilling Centre in the shortest time possible. Here, it undergoes further stringent adulteration and quality testing to ensure the natural flavour and nutrients.


Packing all the taste and goodness in tamper proof pack.

The milk is packed in a specially designed pack to avoid any tampering and stored in cold store rooms at 4°C and then transported in insulated distribution vehicles for delivery to the retail outlets.

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