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About Amrat Shree Food Products

really thick milk

Amrat Shree Food Products is thicker, creamier and richer than regular milk because a lot goes into making it that way.

To begin with, we procure the best quality milk directly from farmers. We then put it through stringent quality checks in our chilling plants to make it even better. It is then preserved at exactly 40 Celsius and packaged with utmost care so that every drop stays delicious when it reaches you.

Amrat Shree Food Products is high macro and micro nutrients, resulting in a consistency that`s thick and creamy. This unique thickness makes curd, cream, homemade ghee, a tastier and superior experience.

A lot of consumer trials that were conducted showcased that Amrat Shree Food Products tastes fresh and is also much thicker, when compared to competitors. Fortified and enriched with Vitamin A and Vitamin D, Amrat Shree Food Products gives better nutrition and wellness that is not prevalent in any other milk available in the market.

That`s not all. Amrat Shree Food Products comes in an international Tamper Proof Packaging, resulting in absolute safety and total purity.

Amrat Shree Food Products is everything you`ve wanted from a glass of milk.

The Amrat Shree Food Products Story

Farm to Fork Process

The value proposition of Amrat Spread Foods is to deliver Farm Tech Prosperity to farmers; driving farmer prosperity through use of modern technology to improve farm productivity.

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We work directly with the farmers and ensure best practices in cattle management and productivity, clean milk practices, veterinary support, high quality cattle feed and fair and transparent process of testing and remuneration for the milk supplied by individual farmers. We have set up Village Level Collection (VLC) Centres where farmers are enrolled and their produce tested for procurement and remuneration, using advanced technology equipments in a fair and transparent manner.

To ensure transparent operations and scientific process of grading the milk, the company has invested in Automatic Milk Collection System (AMCS) at each VLC Centre, consisting of Electronic Weigh Scale, Electronic Milk Analyser with in-built printer, Solar Operated Battery back-up and Food Grade Stainless Steel Milk Cans and Collection equipment. The milk is accepted only if it meets the Amrat Shree Quality Standards, with all transactions of testing and subsequent weighing happening without manual handling. The farmer gets automatically generated printed slip for each transaction indicating the quality & quantity of milk supplied and the amount payable.

Through extension and training, we ensure that Farmers associated with us adopt clean milk production practices right from time the animal is milked till it is delivered at our VLC Centres. We are also arranging supply of good quality cattle feed and providing extension on fodder development practices and feeding management to ensure that the animals get proper nutrition and thereby improve its health and productivity in terms of milk yield.

Since the animals are milked twice daily, the VLC Centres are operated for 2 hours in the morning and again for 2 hours in the evening, so that we collect fresh milk from the Farmers and transport the milk to our nearest Milk Chilling Centre (MCC) immediately and is chilled instantly to retain its freshness, natural flavour and nutritional content.

The value proposition of White Spread Foods is to deliver Farm Tech Prosperity to farmers; driving farmer prosperity through use of modern technology to improve farm productivity.

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We establish small size MCC so that our VLC Centres are within a small radius, enabling us to operate short routes to pick milk from each VLC Centre and transport it to MCC to chill instantly within 3-4 hours of collection at the villages. Each VLC Centre sample under goes organoleptic tests and other scientific grading process using Electronic Milk Analysers and Adulterants Testing Kit before it is accepted.

Clean milk production practices adopted by the Farmers, hygienic methods of milk testing & collection without manual intervention at the VLC and quick transportation system ensures that the milk is still fresh and with less bacterial load when it reaches the MCC. The instant chilling at MCC chills the milk down to 4 Deg C immediately, there by arresting the bacterial activity completely and hence retains the freshness, natural flavour and retains the nutrients intact in every drop of milk that is collected.

Our MBR time and SFC is the lowest at 1.5 hours and 20,000 SFC; well within specified FSSAI guidelines and indicative of the high standards we maintain in our milk production. Milks transported to the Dairy Plant for processing and manufacturing as per MQS defined standards and specifications at our ISO certified plant. Transportation of tamper-proof packs is done in insulated vehicles which continue to maintain the temperature of milk at 4 Deg C.

The value proposition of White Spread Foods is to deliver Farm Tech Prosperity to farmers; driving farmer prosperity through use of modern technology to improve farm productivity.

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Milk received at MCC undergoes a series of further quality checks at Dairy Plant before it is accepted, to ensure that only the good go further for processing and packaging. The milk is pasteurized, homogenised, fortified with FSSAI regulated macro and micro nutrients before packing in high quality tamper evident packaging material, to ensure the final product is delivered safe for consumption.

During processing and packing we adopt Standard Operating Procedures and Quality Assurance Systems so that the products meets the promised quality specifications and food safety norms. The packed milk is stored in Cold Store Rooms that are maintained at 4 Deg C and then transported in Insulated Distribution Vehicles for delivery to the Retail Outlets. Our Retail Partners adopt home delivery of milk for the convenience of the consumers to ensure delivery of fresh milk with all its goodness of taste and nutrition for daily use.

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