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Amrat Shree Foods ensures that only the best quality milk is delivered fresh, from the farm to your home.

We help you to produce the right quality

  • Working directly with farmers to improve their cattle productivity
  • Adopt Clean Milk Production Programme
  • Provide Veterinary Support
  • High quality cattle feed
  • Cattle management services
  • Agri Inputs
  • Nutritional Feed & Technology interventions to promote small Dairy Farms

We select the right quality

  • Milk Procurement directly from farmers by adopting Automatic Milk Collection System
  • Accept milk from Farmers only meeting WSFPL quality standards
  • Strict Organoleptic Grading
  • Extensive Adulteration check daily

We preserve the right quality

  • Milk chilled to 4 degree celsius in shortest possible time
  • Processing & Manufacturing as per WSFPL defined SOPs & Specifications at ISO certified dairy plant.

We distribute the right quality

  • Tamper Proof Packaging
  • Products are kept in cold storage till dispatch
  • FMFO practice.
  • Ensure quality standards meet FSSAI requirement, but is also better than competitor brands
  • Transportation in insulated vehicles for chilled products
  • Clean closed containers for ambient products

We assure the right quality

  • We manufacture in ISO certified plant to maintain high standards
  • Quality checked at FSSAI Accredited lab, meeting all the compliances
  • Adopt SOPs as defined by WSFPL in entire value chain.

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